Sirielle Ontalómë (sirielle) wrote in silmarillion,
Sirielle Ontalómë

HASA news - migrating your stories

Originally posted by mrowe at HASA news - migrating your stories

With the announcement of HASA's closing at the end of the year, it's time to think about where to move your stories. This is especially relevant for authors who post all or some of their work exclusively at HASA, but everybody may want to have another archive as backup for their work.

There are many archives, and this list is in no way exhaustive, or meant to be so – please tell us about what we overlooked here or in the discussion thread at HASA.

These two archives have offered to help authors who want to transfer their stories, for which we can only say a heartfelt Thank you! Please contact their admins for details.

Do check out the content and rating policies of the site(s) you want to post on before deciding on where to migrate to. Also, so that we can attempt to build a directory of authors, tell us where you will go, or any other site(s) you already post on. Please use the comments under this post for that!

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