silmarlfan1 (silmarlfan1) wrote in silmarillion,

Child of Elves and Men

new fic!
Child of Elves and Men
Characters: Dean Winchester, Finrod F., Barahir, Celegorm, Curufin, Celebrimbor, Sam Winchester, Castiel, OC(s), Bobby Singer
warning: Mpreg, mentioned character death, child death,
summery: During the height of the first Age or Arda, love was found between an Elf and a Man, not once but twice. This is the story of the love of Finrod Felagund and Barahir, and the life of the child born from it. Or: Dean Winchester finds out he's adopted and has a very royal family bloodline indeed. Season 5 based Because I think the ruined the show after that season.

Chapter1 AO3, FF.Net
my first Silm crossover, enjoy! and please review!
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