June 4th, 2015



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Ereinion Gil-galad, the sixth and last High King of the Noldor. While in the published Silmarillion he is son of Fingon, JRRT's final idea was to make him the son of Orodreth (who himself got a generation younger and became son of Angrod, instead of being his brother). This is my illustration to a polemics on his parentage in the forthcoming anniversary 20th issue of the almanac Aiglos (Polish language issue). Base for this was mirrored image, done in Painter & Photoshop.

Ereinion means "Scion of Kings" thus the title, a game of words between the epessë and the complicated parentage. By the way I recommend tehta's humorous story which inspired me to make a double-portrait of the "son kings", not just a portrait of one parentage variation and also to give such title - The Scion of Kings by Tehta